Talent Management: Though it is a new name in town, but we are not new in this business. Our hunger for creativity and talent makes us the talk of the town. Our services includes concert, fashion shows, branding photoshoots, virtual shows both organising and finding appropriate talents who will meet our client’s need.
Concert: We, the Talentish, are well known for organising concerts or live shows. Be it for the artist or for any company willing to organise for entertainment purpose, we are the best choice to be made.
Fashion shows: At Talentish, we are organising different Fashion shows for aspiring models. Besides we also organise Fashion shows for designers or companies with our in house models. Just contact us to take a fashionable move in style.
Brand promotions: We offer brand promoting photo and video shoots to make your product marketing strategies a bit more stylish. Our in-house team is well equipped to hand you over the best product profile in the town.
Talent Hunt: Talentish’s hunt for new talents never stops. We are always keen to meet and promote new talents. If you aspire to become an entertainment phenomenon, Talentish is your first step to success. Our call for actors, writers, singers, dancers, anchors, models, comic artists are always on, register today to get noticed.
Virtual shows: After this pandemic, demand of our virtual life has increased. So, why can’t our entertainment reach us virtually? We, at Talentish, promise to make your virtual shows same exciting and happening as live ones.
Celebrity Management: Human need entertainment and there are a lot of well known celebrities who are tying up with us for future endeavours. So, even if Talentish is not organising your event, we can definitely make it more special while your favourite celebrities rock the stage.